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What is an AC Moore Store and How Does it Differ from an Independent Retailer?

AC Moore is a chain of store that sells home furnishings, housewares, and gifts. There are over 730 stores in the United States alone and over 1,000 worldwide.

Independent retailers typically offer a wide variety of products that run the gamut from high-tech to vintage, with different stores specializing in certain areas.

Independent retailers also have their own brands that are sold in the store and could be found at independent retailers as well as other specialty shops.

A retailer is a shop or store that sells goods in exchange for money. An AC Moore store, on the other hand, is different in that it often has a full-service environment with live plants and employees.

An AC Moore is an independent retailer of home furnishings and seasonal goods. They offer their own unique products that are often unique to their store. Compared to retail shops, an AC Moore stores are typically smaller in size and have less inventory than retailers like Target or Walmart.

When you walk into an AC Moore Store, you can expect to find items such as furniture, plants, seasonal decorating items, ornaments and gifts for all occasions. The company also offers a wide range of merchandise from leading designers including Liz Claiborne, Ralph Lauren Home Collection, Tommy Bahama.

Is AC Moore being Bought by Michaels?

AC Moore is a domestic arts and crafts retailer that has seen its share of success in recent years. In 2016, it was acquired by the Michaels Companies for $725 million, which is a 25% premium from the company’s $575 million valuation.

Michaels’ decision to buy AC Moore means that they are getting a profit-making business in an industry where they already have expertise. This is not the first time that Michaels has acquired a company in retail – they also bought Hobby Lobby in 2014, which is now called Michaels Stores.

The acquisition of AC Moore meant that other retailers might see this as an opportunity to expand their market share or go into the arts and crafts industry themselves.

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