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Best Pho Near Me

Would you like to find the best pho near you? You can see a map of all locations on this website.

What is Pho?

Pho is a popular Vietnamese noodle soup that is also called pho bo or pho dac biet. It consists of thin rice noodles in a beef broth with herbs and spices.

Pho restaurant is a type of restaurant that specializes in serving pho. Some restaurants will serve beef and other types of meat like chicken, pork, duck, and shrimp. Others will serve vegetarian, seafood or pork-free versions of the dish. The recipe differs from place to place around Vietnam, but it’s typically made with the following ingredients: brown rice noodles (also called banh pho), ginger root, garlic cloves, onions, coriander seeds (some people might substitute cumin), star anise pods (some people might substitute cinnamon), fish sauce (or Nuoc mam), sugar.

What is the Most Popular Pho?

Pho is a popular Asian dish that is often served in restaurants and can be of many different varieties. Pho originated in northern Vietnam and there are two main popular types of pho: pho ga (beef) and pho bo (chicken).

What is the Best Meat in Pho?

People often debate about which type of meat to eat in pho – beef or chicken?

In a study by Market Research Future, it was found that pork was the most widely consumed meat in pho. This is followed by beef and chicken.

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